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September 1, 2017
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January 25, 2018

15 Casas (Private Bed and Breakfast) in Cuba for groups and indispensable places of interest for your trip

cuarto con camas

Traveling as a part of a group is an experience you’ll like to try. Visiting new places will motivate you to appreciate and express authentic emotions with friends, relatives and strangers, allowing yourself to be led by the adventurous spirit you have inside.

In this appealing journey I’ll help you discover unknown spots that are bound to become absolute favorites as soon as you visit them, and you’ll see that this will be one of the most pleasurable, different, and special trips you’ll end up having.

You may find other agencies that offer lodging packages and, whereas it’s true that they give you discounts when you buy for groups, they often fail to give you the best possible prices because of the hotel costs.

Well, have you ever imagined how feasible it would be to travel reducing the cost of lodging by almost 3 times?

I’ll undoubtedly help you find a suitable casa (private bed and breakfast) in several cities of Cuba for groups of people and I’ll give you interesting information about the areas and the sorrounding attractive locations you might want to visit.

If you really wish to get to know a country and its people, it’s not enough to go into its museums and squares. This kind of lodging, which I bet is already  sounding pretty appealing to you, offers an approach to the culture and traditions of the people during your stay, leaving aside marketing strategies and propaganda.

If you’re traveling with a group, I’ll tell you about 15 exclusive casas in several provinces of the Island, and if you’re not planning to travel with many people, but you’d like to save as much as you can, I suggest to take a look at our Guide to Touring Cuba in 8 Days with only 185 CUC  .

I’d like to guide you into finding the perfect cozy spot to stay, rest and hang out with your family and friends. You’ll be surprised by their fees and will enjoy a wonderful stay in the Island, that will for sure exceed your expectations when it comes to unforgettable experiences.

Another very helpful tool when choosing one of these places will be our Tips to Book a Casa in Cuba. There you can check out what it’s all about.

The prices I’m about to show you are per room per night, so, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Casas for groups in Havana

The capital of Cuba was declared a Wonder City of the Modern World in 2016. Needless to say that it’s a great deal for such a small Island to have a city among  the only 7 that hold this distinction in the globe.

Havana is the main tourist destination of the archipelago, and it attracts more than 1 million travelers every year. There are only 12,079 hotel rooms, which are not enough to quench the thirst of the increasing amount of visitors. Hence, the existing 10,000 casas in this metropolitan area are an attractive alternative.

1. CentralYard Inn

Located in the central area of Vedado, with a combination of colonial and modern styles, it has a capacity for 12 guests distributed into 4 rooms.

The price is around 30 CUC in low season and 35 CUC in high season.

cuarto con camas

2. 4 Mosqueteros

We can also find in Vedado this option with 5 rooms and 5 beds for 10 travelers. This would be more suitable for groups of couples.

The price during low season is 35 CUC and 40 CUC during high season.

cuarto con una cama

3. Casa Alexis y Mary

This spot is deep within the heart of Old Havana. It has 4 rooms with 8 beds for 12 people in total. The cost per night is from 35 CUC to 45 CUC, depending on the season.

Only a few steps from you, you’ll have the highlights of the Historical Center of the city, which will take you back to the era from the 1500s to the 1800s.


Places of interest in Viñales

It’s a municipality that holds the condition of Protected Area and belongs to the province of Pinar del Rio.

It was declared National Monument and UNESCO World Cultural Landscape.

In the zone, there are 49 caves with Mesolithic elements. I suggest to visit the Mural of Prehistory (painted on the side of one of the classic haystack mountains), to tour on a motorboat the Indian Cave, as well as to zip-line over the trees.

Casas for groups in Viñales

4. Villa Daniel y Estela

We have here this hostal with a gorgeous view of the haystack mountains and the Viñales Valley , with a capacity for 17 visitors, distributed into 4 rooms with 9 beds in total.

Prices: 20 – 30 CUC (low season) , 25 – 35 CUC (high season).


5. Casa Nora

In the town of Viñales, very near the valley, we find this place for 14 guests in 4 rooms with 8 beds in total, for the reasonable price of 20 CUC (low season) – 25 CUC (high season).


Places of interest in Bay of Pigs

We keep on moving to the east of the Island and we make a stop at Bay of Pigs, on the south of Matanzas province, in the Zapata Swamp municipality.

Here you’ll find great diversity of flora and fauna, a crocodile breeding facility, a system of underwater sea terraces and highly singular coral reefs, sites with great archeological and paleontological value, and traditions in the use of natural resources in the rural communities.

The area went down into American history on April 17th, 1961, cause it was the exact spot where the mercenary invaders sponsored by the government of the USA disembarked, being defeated in 3 days.

You may also visit the Museum of the Playa Giron or Bay of Pigs Invasion, dedicated to this heroic deed.

Casas for groups in Playa Giron

6. Casa Ivette y Ronel

Here we have one of the 2 places that can take the most guests I’ll present on this list, with a capacity for 28 people in 8 rooms with 17 beds in total.

Price: 30 CUC


Places of interest in Santa Clara

Santa Clara is the main municipality in the province of Villa Clara. In this city you could visit several places like the national monuments Iglesia del Carmen and the Monument to the Armoured Train. The latter one is dedicated to the actions held by the rebels in 1958 against the train sent by the tyrant Batista in The Battle of Santa Clara.

I also propose you swing by the Museum of Decorative Arts, built  in 1810, where the largest Sèvres pieces in the country are displayed.

And last but not least, you cannot miss the Sculptural Complex dedicated to Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, where his and his troop memebers’ remains rest. You’ll see there a statue of the guerrilla man that is 6,80 meters high and weighs 20 tons. I was particularly impressed when I saw it for the first time. At the memorial, they have pictures and personal belongings of the hero on display.

Casas for groups in Santa Clara

7. Hostal Las Arecas

You’ll find this lodging in the area, where you’ll receive an excellent treatment. They have 4 rooms and 8 beds, with a total capacity for 18 travelers.

Prices 20 CUC (low season) – 25 CUC (high season).


8. Hostal Marilin&Familia

I recommend this other comfortable casa to you and your group. It has room for 16 visitors, distributed into 3 rooms and 7 beds.

Prices 25 – 45 CUC (low season) , 30 – 50 CUC (high season)

cuarto con dos camas

Places of interest in Cienfuegos

On the south of Villa Clara we find the so-called Pearl of the South. When touring its historical center (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), I recommend you go to the Cathedral of our Lady of the Purest Conception, the Tomas Terry Theater, the Ferrer Palace, the building of the former Spanish Casino, the Government House (former City Hall), the Blanco and Goitizolo Palaces, and the House of The Lions.

It would be a crime to be there and not sit on the Cienfuegos Malecon, with its beautiful view of the bay. Truly a lovely place!!!

Casas for groups in Cienfuegos

9. Hostal Maikel

Maikel offers you excellent conditions to rest after your tour around the city. He has 7 rooms with a capacity for 20 people.

Price: 30 – 35 CUC

cuarto con dos camas

10. Hostal los mares

Withe less capacity, but offering a remarkable view of Cienfuegos Bay, this casa, with 3 rooms and 6 beds for 11 guests, is a great place  to watch a sunset the Cuban way, with a cup of Cubita coffee and a cigar (in case you smoke, of course).

Prices: 30 CUC (low season) – 40 CUC (high season)

terraza con vista al mar

Places of interest in Trinidad

We continue our tour toward the center of the country and on the east of Cienfuegos, in the province of Sancti Spiritus, we find a city that harbours one of the relics of the colonial era in Cuba, because of its preservation. It was the third village founded by the Spanish on the Island in 1514. I’m talking about Trinidad.

Because of its high historical value, it was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

There you’ll find several museums like the History Museum, the Guamuhaya Archeology Museum, the Romantic Museum, and the Museum of Colonial Architecture; where you’ll learn the legends of the village, from the aboriginal natives of the area and the Spanish colonization, to our days.

Of course, I can’t not recommend to go to the Valley of the Sugar Mills (also World Heritage Site). The valley was covered during the 18th century with many sugar mills with remarkable worldclass numbers when it came to sugar production. It takes up a vast area, so I suggest you visit specifically San Isidro Sugar Mill, which still has the original Carrara marble floor; the Guaimaro Sugar Mill, where they preserve the main house; the Palmarito Sugar Mill, where they still have the tower, one of the slaves’ barracks, remains of the main house and the house made of quarry stones; and last, as a highlight of the area, the Manaca Sugar Mill, with its famous Iznaga Tower (National Monument), which is 45 meters high.

Casas for groups in Trinidad

11. Hostal Hermanos Santaella

Only a few meters away from the cathedral, there’s this casa with room for 25 backpackers. It has 7 beds distributed into 14 rooms.

Prices: 30 CUC (low season) – 40 CUC (high season)


Places of interest in Holguin

We’re leaving the central area of the country and we move to the north of the Eastern region, landing in Holguin, the main municipality of the homonymous province.

You need to go to the best-known spot in the area: the Hill of the Cross. It will take 458 steps to get to admire the city of Holguin and the landscape that the small height of 261 meters (deeply linked to the history of the city) offers.

I also invite to get to Calixto Garcia Park, which used to be during foundational times the center of social and economic life. By the way, a couple of steps from this famous location, there’s the most emblematic building in the whole city: La Periquera (The Parrot Cage), which is now the Municipal Museum.

Other attractive places would be San Isidro Cathedral, with a neoclassic style, and the Museum of Natural History, where the most perfect fossil ever found in Cuba is displayed.

Casas for groups in Holguin

12. Villa Lorenzo Eduardo

In the city you can rest at this lodging with a capacity for 12 travelers. It has 3 rooms and 6 beds.

Price: 25 CUC

cuarto con dos camas

Places of interest in Santiago de Cuba

If you like to admire mountain landscapes, Santiago is the right city for it, because it’s surrounded  by the largest mountain range in the Island: Sierra Maestra.

It’s one of my favorite cities: its steep streets, the hospitality of its people and the colonial style of its buildings are all distinctive of this place.

I can think of an endless amount of spots to suggest to you, I’ll just mention those that I’ve liked the most and that I consider important due to their historical and cultural value.

The Rum Museum is the ideal venue to learn the history and way of elaborarion of the best rums in Cuba and the world.

The House of Diego Velazquez (Museum of Cuban Colonial Historic Ambiance) belonged to this Spanish conqueror, who founded the 7 first villages in the country and was the first governor of the Island. It’s the oldest house in Cuba, with over 500 years of age, so I can assure it will be a thrilling experience. Right accross from it, there’s the Cespedes Park, followed by the Casagranda Hotel. On the left of the latter one, there’s the City Hall, and on the right there’s the Cathedral Church.

The Emilio Bacardi Museum is the oldest in the country, founded in 1899.

Santa Ifigenia Cemetery (National Monument) is to me and to many that have visited it, the most beautiful one in the country. Here rest the remains of the most illustrious sons of the homeland, such as Jose Marti (National Hero), Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (Father of the Homeland), and Fidel Castro (Leader of the Cuban Revolution).

Casas for groups in Santiago de Cuba

13. Hostal Girasol

Here we have the other lodging with the most capacity for guests on this list. It can take up to 28 visitors in 7 rooms with a total of 14 beds. It’s also my favorite because of the environment and the comfort it offers.

Prices: 30 – 50 CUC

cuarto con dos camas

14. Casa Don Carlos

Not as luxurious as the previous one and with a capacity for 10 less people, we find this casa that has 5 rooms and 11 beds at much more convenient price of 20 – 30 CUC.

cuarto con dos camas

Places of interest in Baracoa

This is the last stop we’ll make on this comprehensive journey. The province of Guantanamo harbours the municipality of Baracoa, the easternmost territory in Cuba. Famous for its tradition in the production of cocoa and coconut.

Iit’s the first village ever founded in the country and its historical center is a National Monument. Here you can visit the Parish of our Lady of Assumption of Baracoa and be in front of the Cross of Columbus or the Holy Cross of Parra, which was the one placed by Christopher Columbus at the entrance of Porto Santo. You might also want to swing by the Matachin Fort, currently the Municipal Museum.

If you enjoy hiking, you could climb the steep mountain called El Yunque, with spectacular views and at the end of the climb you’ll have the chance to reward yourself with a splash in the delicious waters of the Duaba River (you’ll need it!).

Casa de la Trova is another ideal spot if you want to dance and listen to some traditional Cuban music.

There’s also the Archeological Museum Cave of Paradise, where you can get to know about the aboriginals that existed in the area. It’s located in a cave on top of the city, which makes it a very original museum.

There are two main beaches in the city: Playa Blanca and Playa Maguana, more than 20 km away from Baracoa, where you’ll have a great time.

And finally, you shouldn’t leave without getting to the House of Chocolate, where you’ll learn about the tradition of cocoa production and its elaboration process. As a bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to try the chocolate prepared in the house.

Casas for groups in Baracoa

15. Casa Andrés

Andres offers you his casa by the sea, where you’ll be able to rest, admire the waters of Baracoa, and listen to the sound of the waves. He has 3 rooms and 5 beds for 9 guests.

Prices: 20 CUC (low season) – 25 CUC (high season)

habitacion con vista al mar

This is as far as our journey goes. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did. We went over the whole Island, even though we still have some interesting lodging choices to show you and other cities with amazing sites. On the next entries I promise to bring some new ideas for your trip to Cuba, as well as other surprises.

See you soon!!

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