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Once you Pre-book. It takes about 24 Hours to CONFIRM your casa. You will receive a confirmation email, or new offers according to your needs, in case of overbooking.

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Once you have the owner's confirmation, you should re-confirm your reservation and then you have the certain that you will enjoy your accommodation in Cuba.

If you want to visit Cuba, and you want to stay in a private accommodation there are some things that you should know... Before 1994 in Cuba it was not allowed the rent of room to foreigner, but with the opening of the Tourism industry, a very few amount of leaseholder received the permission to rent. In Cuba Bed and Breakfast are known as Casa particular and they could be easily identified because they have a poster with a blue anchor. Only those houses with the blue anchor are allowed to offer lodging, the owners must pay a license and monthly taxes, and they must have a daily updated Guest book. Remember the only legal Bed and Breakfast in Cuba, are the Casa particular with a blue anchor, the only other option for accommodation in Cuba are the governmental Hotels.

Why to book an accommodation at a casa particular instead of somewhere else?.It is very simple, so I will give you just 3 reasons and you will decide by yourself.

  • Price. Well, in Cuba you will find that the Hotels are not at the international level and anyway are very expensive. Every casa particular is in average at least 75% cheaper
  • The Experience. To really understand Cuba and its people you should live as a cuban, where the cubans live. Only at a casa particular you will achieve that. You wont find an hotel able to show you, the real traditions of Cuba and its culture.
  • Connection When you rent a room at a casa particular in Cuba, without knowing it, you have made some friends. The inhabitants are very friendly, but also consider that although you pay just for Bed and Breakfast, for the House family it means a high percent of the monthly incomes. They are very gratefull

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